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I'll help you customize your designer dog clothing to suit your tastes.

I've loved to sew and create things since childhood. I owe it all to my grandmother Nona. She enjoyed teaching me all kinds of handmade crafts such as crochet and hand embroidery. I'd sit in her lap as she taught me how to sew on her Singer treadle machine. She even owned her own fabric store for many years. I literally grew up around beautiful fabrics and trims. I was hooked. For a while, I actually made and designed pageant dresses.

I started selling custom embroidered dog blankets, bandanas and toys on Etsy back in 2010, under the name The Embroidery Room. My business has now grown into a classy, up scale doggy boutique now known as Dapper Dogues and Glitzy Paws Boutique. Who would have ever thought I'd be making dog clothing and accessories? Sewing for dogs allows me to be as creative as I dare to be.

I'm very passionate about helping dogs in need. I want to help make a difference, so I started working with rescues across the country. I absolutely adore my dogs. My breed of choice is "rescued". I have fostered, rescued, and adopted. Now I try to help other dogs in need by donating my items to rescue fundraisers and benefit auctions. I'm blessed to be able to do something I love and help animals in need at the same time. It is very rewarding.


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Use a sewing measuring tape to measure your pet.
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I love customer photos! Ask me how you can be one of my models!
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My work is always supervised by my members of my doggy pack. This is Bailey. He's fifteen.
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Featured designer in December 2016
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I make strong and durable squeaky toys for your pets.
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